Question about oceangreen progression/group task

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Question about oceangreen progression/group task

Postby Layya » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:51 pm

I have been extremely casual the last few months due to some rl issues. I need to get back to work on my void progression tasks as I have fallen way behind. I am trying to finish up Oceangreen and was under the impression that I only needed to do BB Boss task. However, when I check my quest history it does not show that I have completed any group tasks required. For instance, I know for a fact that I completed Freedom, A Dread Challenger, and Stop the Contamination. Those do not show in my history. I remember a while back there was a bug with Familiarity is Key (something about doing the group tasks before doing the solo task would cause an issue where one would have to redo the group tasks to get credit). Can anyone shed some light on whether group tasks will show in the history window and if so does that mean I am screwed and will have to repeat them? Im sure to some these are trivial tasks but in my situation (no guild, weird playtime, etc) it is difficult for me to get the help to complete these. Any information is much appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Question about oceangreen progression/group task

Postby Kruzar » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:56 pm

To complete Oceangreen.. you need to do these tasks.. (Taken directly from Raspers)

To fix the timeline in Oceangreen you need to defend the Oceangreen Village from the threat of the Bertoxians. To do so you first need to gain noteriety in the Keep, start with Sergeant Bronal Cadran found out at the guard tower near the path leading to the Karanas:

Man the Defenses
No Cure for Death

Once you have aided the sergeant Captain Hiran Tillin will speak with you. You can find him in the Keep proper, up two ramps and to the left. He'll send you to get familliar with the village:

Familiarity is Key
You then need to gather a group and knock out two group missions:

Stop the Contamination
A Dread Challenger

Next on the list is the liberation of Blackburrow. You will need to complete the group task Beat the Blackburrow Boss. To request this mission you will need to do a few other tasks, but if you have someone else get it, this is all you need. After defeating this Raxtor says he can attempt to reclaim Blackburrow which restores the timeline and completes the Oceangreen theme's progression.

Link: ... ssion.html

Doing just the Beat the Blackburrow Boss won't get this finished for you, but the other tasks are not that bad to complete. I did this full progression in like 2-3 hours even with the Blackburrow Boss mission. I did my missions out of order as well.. so I don't think that is an issue. It looks from the listing you have given you are missing the first couple solo tasks...and then the Familiarity task...
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Re: Question about oceangreen progression/group task

Postby Mukkul » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:57 pm

Group tasks don't show in the history tab. Yet the stupid history will show multiple instances of a solo task you did several times, pushing relevant tasks off the list.

I manually maintain a text file listing every task I've completed, and ones I need to do. How else can you keep track of your own flags in EQ's current mission-mania environment? Their in-game tools are useless-to-nonexistent.
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Re: Question about oceangreen progression/group task

Postby fendaann » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:51 pm

I put all the quest drops on that NPC in Guild lobby... is my way of keeping a list by just checking what the drops are of the quests you need for the flaging .... sure might take some extra time to look the item up for what quest and if I have gave it to the NPC. But it works for me.

Also dont forget to hail that NPC if any of the tasks were done Pre went live.

And I thought that bug was not a flag issue but an issue with the NPC that it used the same key word for the diffent quests so peeps who did the quests out of order found they could not request the 1st quest. I thought the Devs fixed that key word issue to use diffent words now.
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