Run, you fools !

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Run, you fools !

Postby dohrian » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:35 am


I tried that group mission with a friend boxing WAR/CLR and me palying SHM, and with 3 wiz merc.
We did not finish cleaning first room with 4 mobs I think, last one was half dead when DT mob came on us.
I was able to pull all rooms to ZI (thanks to DA proc) and we cleaned them, but on the last room there are also ~4 mobs, with the named, and we did not kill those.
Maybe there is a way to split them, we tried 2 times but had to stop.

Is there a way to either kill mobs quickly enough to reach named room before DT mob catches us, or to split named room ?


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Re: Run, you fools !

Postby Sowslow » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:32 pm

If your group's setup will allow for this, I don't know. I think 3 wiz merc should be able to burn each room.
There are only 3?? mobs per room, so start off ahead of the named when it begins and burn hard to clear as you move around. Pull them close to the next tunnel to give you as much room as possible. Group geared war might have problem keeping aggro and sk or pally might be better option.
I think the harder part is on the second phase and getting mercs to run away when needed, but I haven't done with with mercs.
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