UNOFFICIAL event/group meet up 2015

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UNOFFICIAL event/group meet up 2015

Postby fendaann » Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:35 pm

For many SOE (Daybreak) community members, SOE Live / Fan Faire has been THE event of the year, for some time. With the transition from SOE to Daybreak Game Company, there will unfortunately not be an officially hosted event this year, however, let's not let this stop us.

We have an amazing and talented community that can come together to plan/organize/fund/participate in a (or multiple) community meet ups in place of this year's SOE Live.

This is an UNOFFICIAL event/group that is in no way affiliated with Daybreak Game Company (formerly SOE). We, of course hope that any employees will participate, and I am adding anyone that I think could help get the word out as an "event host". This implies no responsibi... See More ... y&source=1
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