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Spell/AA suggestions

Postby WaringMcMarrin » Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:13 pm

I have been asked to collect some suggestions so lets get started!
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Re: Spell/SS suggestions

Postby Fanra » Mon May 09, 2011 12:34 am

What's an "SS suggestion"?

As for spell suggestions, are you asking about both new spells and fixing old ones or just new spells?

* Druids should get a zephyr (translocate) spell for every place they can port.

* Druid curing is behind both the two other Priest classes and the abilities of **hybrids**. Druid curing needs improvement, especially group curing.

I've always been a big fan of wolf form spells. However, I hesitate to suggest my ideas on that because people have tended to dislike them lately.
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Re: Spell/AA suggestions

Postby gr8fuldave » Thu May 12, 2011 11:38 am

Druid AA suggestions:

Secondary Teleport Bind: Gate group to your secondary bind point
Entrap rank 4 and 5: Rank 4 is instacast, Rank 5 is lowered recast
Egress Rank 3: Instacast
Fix Exodus: Been killed a handful of times when used
AA version of Vinelash Cascade
Quick Heal: Similar to Quick Buff or Quick Damage to lower cast time of spot heals, eg. Benevida
Nature's Blessing and Nature's Fury Rank 4-6: Greater time on buff for these. The 12 second duration allows you one good heal or MAYBE 3 good nukes. Make Duration 60 seconds so we can use during fights with named.
PP similar to Necro Pestilent Paralysis for help with crowd control.

Druid Spell suggestions:

Change Daybreak to a high damage (10-12k) nuke with 18 second recast and high mana cost.
Zephir spells for all our gates
Self and Group gate spell to Morell's Castle? PLEEEASE??
Druid version of TL to bind like Wizzy's get
Raise damage on Damage Shileds and raise Regen on Talisman of Relentless. In todays group content, the amounts are too low to mean anything.

Other Suggestions:

I would LOVE to see AAs we can use to upgrade our Mercs. Like for a War merc we can purchase CS and CA and also aggro enhancement AAs. For DPS and healing mercs i would love to see defensive AAs plus the ability to Crit more often with heals, nukes and melee. This would be awesome.
I have a very hard time keeping aggro with my Warrior merc.

Thanks!! My 2 cp
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