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HoT new AA in Test File

Postby riou » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:25 am

I dunno how many Druids read/post here, but, since I'm bored, here's a list of the new AA Elidroth said he was adding in that one EQforums post like a 3 weeks-ish ago

Blessing of Ro
This ability combines the effects of Hand of Ro and Fixation of Ro into a single new ability.

Extended Wild Growth
This passive ability extends the duration of Wild Growth by 1 tick per rank.

Hastened Call of the Wild
This passive ability reduces the reuse time of Call of the Wild by 60 seconds per rank.

Communion of the Cheetah
This ability provides a group version of Spirit of Cheetah.

Extended Convergence of Spirit
This passive ability extends the duration of Convergence of Spirit by 1 tick.

Extended Spirit of the Wood
This passive ability extends the duration of Spirit of the Wood by 1 tick.

Spirit of the Bear
This ability, when activated, imbues your friendly target with the spirit of the bear, increasing their health, armor, and avoidance for a short time.

Nature's Blessing
This ability, when activated, allows all of your healing spells to land for critical effect for the next 12 seconds at a cost of greatly increased mana usage. Each rank slightly reduces the amount of mana used.

Nature's Fury
This ability, when activated, increases the damage done by your spells when they land for critical damage for a short period of time at the cost of greatly increased mana usage. Each rank reduces the mana penalty by 10 percent.

Hastened Storm Strike
This passive abilty reduces the time required between uses of Storm Strike by 2 seconds per rank.
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Re: HoT new AA in Test File

Postby WaringMcMarrin » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:52 pm

Elidroth has not posted any official information and all I can see is that he stated some AA he can not do. All that has come from other sources.
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