Ding 91 Soon: Wearing Rustic move to Cultural?

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Ding 91 Soon: Wearing Rustic move to Cultural?

Postby Blabberpuss Stryyker » Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:30 am

A ranger friend of mine took me out of my safety zone last couple of days and showed me just what is possible for a lvl 90 Paladin to tank. She had me tanking in CoB last nite doing some missions. We had full group, granted I had plenty of healing under me, but I seemed to be able to take the hits with a heavy healing power'd group. I am now about to ding 91 and thinking of buying a set of cultural and augs to go with it, probably a 250k expense. I don't raid, so nothing I equip will be from any raids, has to be groupable or bazaarable. I could probably get gear by farming VoA or HOT, but I really dont' have the patience.

My question is this: How much of an upgrade is it to go from a full set of Rustic to a full set of Glorious Stalwart with Numinious augs and the same augs I am wearing now? Basically from Rustic to Glorious Stalwart. OR is it that much of a time sink to camp pieces in VoA T2 - T4?

Next question: Has anyone put any of this data into a spreadsheet?
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Re: Ding 91 Soon: Wearing Rustic move to Cultural?

Postby Dinamu » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:20 pm

raidloot.com has the armor sets in a database. Without soloist augs the cultural is a little better then the group VoA T3 gear but not the T4. With the soloist augs I think it is a little better then the group t4 but its expensive.
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Re: Ding 91 Soon: Wearing Rustic move to Cultural?

Postby shiftie » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:16 pm

I have a full set of cultural on my paladin and he can do just fine on named in group content all the way through VoA. It is an upgrade over rustic for sure and supposedly under t4 group.

For example on time spent though. I camped the paladin 2her in CoB for 3 days and finally got it to drop. Now I knew ahead of time but the 2her is 1 dmg -1 dly better than the cultural but that is a pretty shitty upgrade for 3 days of camping/farming (chandrok dropped the ball on this one). I'm doing language now so I can make the full set of t4 group gear eventually but I can't even be bothered to worry about it b/c it is kinda boring now.

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Re: Ding 91 Soon: Wearing Rustic move to Cultural?

Postby Warpeace » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:21 pm

The cultural is give and take. The cultural was good to break into VoA I would say it placed me camparibly at T3+ group. At the time I compared it to the T4 VoA group armor and it comes out just below in my opinion with all symbols. You give up a bit on the Foci goin cultural but can be overcome playing your class well. Overall is a great choice and will be able to use all the way through VoA Skip farming the T2/3 stuff save yourself the time and plat to aug and reaug so so upgrades.
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