Non prestige augs and other gear

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Non prestige augs and other gear

Postby Dorillion » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:35 am

Hello hello,

I have a few quick question for all the people that know about the different databases and stuff.

Has anyone seen a searchable database where I can get rid of the prestige items ?
It is easy with gear since that is zonebased so not that important I would say. But still would be lovely to have the option.
But I am mainly interrested in the augs I guess.
I miss having my AC augs (well i still have them but they not helping from the bank), even the mobs in HoS hurt nowdays.
I know that the defiant augs are ok to use and the hero journal ones.

And since I am already writing a post Ill throw in a question that might be searchable.
Anyone have a AC aug spreadsheet they are interrested in sharing ? with the important (or all ) stats.
How do I compare augs nowdays ? I used mainly raw AC last time is that still the way to go ?
I am not very good at all that and if I am going to do it it will be by hand and well that is alot of work and I don't mind alot of help making it easier.

That would be all for now.
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Re: Non prestige augs and other gear

Postby Elric » Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:51 am

One thing you could try is

That's current and former hotzones, and the old hotzone augs still drop.

At the very least, I"d think you could fill up on them. 18 augs at 11 AC per average should be 200 rAC I'd think, maybe more. That'd help some I think.

I've no idea what newer augs would still be useable, maybe the 5 25s from DSK? the 4 20s from RSS? Sorry, really can't remember old augs this time of the morning :lol:
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