Epic 1.0 - Fiery Avenger/Defender Quest

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Epic 1.0 - Fiery Avenger/Defender Quest

Postby Riludan » Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:35 pm

PART I Fiery Avenger by Nevron

Quest for the Soulfire

Quest for the Ghoulbane

Get to Warmly faction standing with the Deepwater Knights in Erudin.

Kill Lord Nagafan, Talendor or Severilous till you get the Torn burnt book

Kill Lady Vox, Faydedar or Gorenaire till you get the Frost covered part of a book.

Combine both book parts to the NPC called Rineval Talyas in North Qeynos. Coming from Qeynos hills and facing the gate she is a bit to the left of the gate. Give her 1000pp and the two book parts and you will get the Book of Scale in return. Note that the book IS multiquestable (like any no combine container quest step) and, since the completed 'Book of Scale' IS DROPABLE the MQ is very safe to do.

Travel to The Ocean of Tears, and give the Oracle of Akanon the book, he will give you a Phylactery with the Soul of Miragul in it in return.

Head to Everfrost with 2-4 groups depending on level and classes and find the Lich of Miragul wandering in the caves under the frozen river. Charm said lich and give him his soul (phylactery) back. That will spawn the live miragul. Keel him and loot his head and cloak.

Head to the 4th isle in Air, it is called the Pegasus Isle and is non KOS, you will need someone to stay back on the 1st island in the quest Area. Have them find Dason Goldblade and tell him they wish to be tested. He will give whoever is there a book.

Have them turn in the book to Dason and he will despawn leaving Dirkog Steelhand up instead. Give Dirkog Steelhand 500pp and Inte Akira will pop on isle 4.

First give him (Inte) your Ghoulbane to get his blessing of nobility, and then give him your Soulfire to get his blessing of sacrifice. Then turn in Miraguls head and cloak along with the two blessings you just received from Inte to get your shiny new Fiery Avenger.

Please note much like the Soulfire quest, give the NPC the ghoulbane and soulfire first, so you get his blessings.

PART II From Allakhazams

To get this weapon, you have to release a tormented soul. To do this, you need to find his old armor, sword and shield. These have to be purified by light, gem and water.


These 2 NPC's are found in Kaladim, Jark is in the mines and Nella is outside of the temple

You say, 'hail Jark' You say, 'some'

Jark says 'Huh? Oh, I struck me some silver. Aint gonna make me rich but it'll sure pay for me minin costs. Speakin of, that wife o` mine was supposed ta bring me food already. Hey, you, wanna go get me my dinner? I aint got nothing ta pay ya with but I sure would appreciate it.

You say, 'I will get your dinner'

Jark says 'Har, I know you were a good sort. Nella has it. Shes out there somewhere in the lower areas. She likes to visit the temple so maybe shes there. Just tell er Jark sent ya and she'll prolly have everythin ready fer me.

You say, 'hail Nella Stonebraids'
You say, 'dinner'

Nella Stonebraids says 'Ach! I forgot me husbands dinner. Im so sorry. I was sendin my wishes ta Brell for health and long life. I was just floatin coins into the wishin pool. Usually its for children but things havent been so good lately. Here, please take this to him and tell him where I was.

After you take him his dinner, Jark says 'Har har! No time fer eatin now! While you were gone I struck me a rich vein. Lookie here. Ya ever seen a gem so pure? Its
tiny but clear as glass. Ya take it Holyomen . Ya showed me some kindness, least I can do. Besides, still a share here for me.


The Breastplate comes of a Thought Corruptor in the Plane of Hate and is called a Tainted Darksteel Breastplate.


The Sword can be found on the Keeper of Tombs in The Hole.


Talk to a peasant woman near the monk guild in West Freeport. You say to peasant woman "what water" then "I will take it". You get a bucket of water. Hand it in to her brother Joshua and it will be turned into Pure water. Joshua is in the bakery near his sister.


The tainted shield drops off Kirak Vil in Nektulos forest. He is a lvl 56 Dark elf, there are DE faction losses for killing him.

Now the steps to assemble the items

1) "The sword must be dipped in water pure." Give the Tainted Sowrd and the Pure Water (blessed by Sacrifice) to REKLON GNALLEN in the temple of Quellious, Erudin. You receive a Gleaming Crested Sword.

2) "Light of clean spirit to cleanse the shield." The Tainted shield goes to Elia the Pure in Felwithe. You receive a Gleaming Crested Shield.

3) "A gem of clarity unlike any other for the breastplate." The Tainted Breastplate plus the Pure Crystal received from Jark (blessed by compassion) is given to REKLON GNALLEN in the temple of Quellious, Erudin. You receive a Gleaming Breastplate.

4) Gleaming Shield, Crested Sword and Breastplate go to REKLON GNALLEN again. You receive a "MARK OF ATONEMENT".

5) The Mark of Atonement and the old Fiery Avenger go to IRAK ALTIL (wandering NPC zombie) in Plane of Fear. You receive the Fiery Defender
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Postby Samanna » Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:36 pm

Checklist from http://www.teamlava.com/eqepic/epic.php?Class=9 :

The Paladin Epic - Fiery Defender

The Ghoulbane
Get a Note for Kanthuk from Ryshon Hunsti in West Karana
Give the Note to Kanthuk Ogrebane in Butchblock Mountains and receive a Pendant
Give the Pendant to Llara and Receive a note to Ruathey
Give the note to Ruathey in Lavastorm and receive a Bag
Collect a Ghoul's Heart from a Crazed Ghoul in Unrest
Collect Amstaf's Scroll from a Crazed Goblin in Highhold Keep
Collect a Noblemans Hilt from a Skeleton in Najena
Collect the Blade of Nobility from a Crazed Goblin in Butcherblock
Combine the 4 items in the bag to create the Ghoulbane

The Soulfire
Complete the quest in and around Freeport to receive you Testimony
Complete quest to get the note from Brother Quayle in Split Paw
Kill Xicotl in Castle Mistmoore and loot the Hilt of Soulfire
Kill Sir Lucan D'Lere and the undead Sir Lucan and loot the testimony
Hand in the Testimony to Valeron in the Hall of Truth at Freeport to receive The Brilliant Sword of Truth
Complete the quest in and around Freeport to receive your Testimony
Return to Split Paw and hand Brother Quayle the Hilt, the Sword, your Testimony and the Note (that Brother Quayle gave you on your previous visit), in return you reveive the Soulfire

The Fiery Avenger
Loot the 'Torn, Burnt Book from either Nagafen, Faydedar, Talendor or Severilous
Loot the Book of Frost from either Lady Vox, Faydedar ot Gorenaire
Give the two parts of the Book of Scale and 1000pp to either the Bartender in the Blind Fish Tsvern in Neriak or Rineval Talyas in North Qeyons to receive the Book of Scale
Give the Book of Scale to the Oracle in Ocean of Tears and you will receive Miragul's Phylactery
Charm Lich of Miragul in Everfrost Ice Caves and give him the Phylactery to make Miragul appear. Kill Miragul and loot Miragul's Head and Miragul's Robe
Earn very good faction woth Deepwater Knights.
Go to the 4th island in Plane of Air aka the Pegasus Isle. Have a friend give Dirkog Steelhand, who is in the quest room, 500 platinum to make Inte Akera appear. Give Inte the Soulfire and he will give you your first Blessing of Nobility. Then give him the Ghoulbane for your second Blessing of Sacrifice, and then give him both blessings and Miragul's Head and Miragul's Robe for the Fiery Avenger.

The Breastplate
Go to the Plane of Hate and loot a Tainted Dark Steel Breastplate off of a Thought Destroyer.
Go to North Kaladim and talk to Jark. He will give you a Gem of Clarity for helping him.

The Sword
In the Hole kill the Keeper of the Tombs for the Tainted sword.
In West Freeport near the monk guild talk to the peasant woman to receive a bucket of water. Give it to Joshua for the bucket of pure water.

The Shield
In Nektulos Forest kill Kirak Vil and loot the Tainted Shield.

The Cleansing
Give shield to Elia the Pure in Felwithe to get the Gleaming Shield.
Go to Erudin and locate Reklon Gnallen. Give him the Pure water and the Tainted sword to get the Gleaming Sword.
Give Reklon Gnallen the Tainted Breastplate and the Gem of Clarity to get the Gleaming Crested Breastplate.
Give Reklon the Chestplate, Sword and Shield to receive a Mark of Atonement.

Releasing the Soul
Go to Plane of Fear and give the Mark of Atonement and Fiery Avenger to Irak Altil to claim the Fiery Defender.
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Postby Eiswulf Dogrobber » Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:18 am

I was just wondering if this guide has been updated since Free Port was re-structured and Split Paw was changed. My Pally has been sitting at level 52 for quiet a while so he could do the Naggy and Vox raids. Now they have made those parts easier with the inclusion of other dragons with the drops. I can start leveling him again :D
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Re: Epic 1.0 - Fiery Avenger/Defender Quest

Postby Blabberpuss Stryyker » Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:04 am

Riludan wrote:PART I Fiery Avenger by Nevron

Head to the 4th isle in Air, it is called the Pegasus Isle and is non KOS, you will need someone to stay back on the 1st island in the quest Area. Have them find Dason Goldblade and tell him they wish to be tested. He will give whoever is there a book.
The dark red part is wrong, you have to say "I wish to be tested by Dirkog" to get Dirkog to spawn. I did this last nite and could not get him to spawn until I visited Alla's to get the correct phrase.
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Postby Bajen » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:00 am

How tough is the thought corruptor? Currently I have walked my 67 pal and 57 shammy over the stairs to the right of the ZI. The killing is embaressingly slow. My gut feeling tells me I should walk both of them to the spot east of the cathedral and park them there.

Instead I could visit with my enchanter 75 plus buffed animation and cleric 59 to runetank the living snot out of the thought corruptor. Any one done this part recently?


It was a push over but it started fleeing and broke root so often it was crazy. Luckily I had no adds. I pulled to catherdral stairs and pretty much soloed it with my pal 67. Ten and hasted was enough. My shammy 57 landed nothing on it.
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Re: Epic 1.0 - Fiery Avenger/Defender Quest

Postby Llad » Tue May 27, 2008 11:50 pm

confirmed on 5/18/08
you do not need an enchanter or necro to charm for the hand in to lich of miragul a simple calm spell will suffice.
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Re: Epic 1.0 - Fiery Avenger/Defender Quest

Postby redghosthunter » Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:41 pm

If I'm not a bit under me bottle, I lost Deepwater Faction killing my way threw the islands to do turn in for FA/FD? I had the correct faction before I went threw the trouble of putting a group together to TP in. Seems like Orc mistiff to me.
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