Shawl 3.0

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Shawl 3.0

Postby Stephen51 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:09 pm

With the new shawl quest coming with the next patch, changing it to an aug, I wondered which was the best for the Paladin class. Looking at that the spells it appears its either
Blessed Chromatic Force of Brell - 80% chance to return 200 mana and increase damage of the next damaging spell cast or;
Blessed Healing Force of Brell - 80% chance to return 250 mana and heal you for 200hps.

The effects are going to be boosted according to the patch notes, but based on the above I am leaning towards the first one, as we have heals coming out of our ears, and the damage modifier says 500%, but I cant believe that can be right can it?

Opinions please.
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Re: Shawl 3.0

Postby riou » Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:06 pm

No, with both being nerfed pretty hard in the upcoming patch, the Tank one for 3.0 will be best. The tank stats are also pretty huge on shawl 3, where it will be the best tank aug in game, and remain a really good aug for at least the next 5 years if not longer if aug inflation stays the same as it is now.

It also isn't 80% chance on either of those, Lucy parses it wrong. Lucy also parses the damage part wrong on the int version, it is +500 iirc to the next nuke.
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