Returning Silver 75 Pally seeks AA Advice

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Returning Silver 75 Pally seeks AA Advice

Postby falcuk » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:13 am

Hi all, returning 75 Silver Account, currently at 490 AA, maxed Slay and Defensives for my Level the rest has been spent fairly well i'd say, sorry i dont have a magelo to post my exact spend :(

Im currently geared in Defiant stuff with my 2.0, i also have the Fabled pet weapon from PoFire.

Wheres a good place for me to grind the rest of the AA to reach the AA cap of 1k? once i hit the cap i figure i'll know what im doing again and will probably resub at this point to push on past 1k! Ive read RoI will be good a little later on but i figure from having played there during its original inception, i will need alot more AA before i try it solo.

So my question is, where can i earn the last 510 AA to hit my 1K Limit? Also once i start levelling should i keep buying my levels of CA / CS? im guessing yes, although a few people told me they are expensive and yield little benefit, i do find this hard to believe though?

Cheers all
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Re: Returning Silver 75 Pally seeks AA Advice

Postby varutia » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:29 am

I'd suggest you scroll down a few threads, there are plenty of discussion on undead mobs at various level, also a lot other useful related information.

For example.


Magelo is really a must if you want any type of aa related advice, next to impossible to give any type of suggestion unless we can see that. Also one need to state their playstyle and intended goal in the future, for example are you just going solo, or want to raid etc.

If you in the game for the long haul, yes get all the ca/cs. However at higher level they give less return per AA invested, so it can be argued investing in somewhere else first before returning here. Also if you already handling the content comfortably, then there maybe other more useful AA to invest at 500 level depending on you play style.
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