Application to replace player names with class names

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Application to replace player names with class names

Postby Shillingworth » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:52 pm

Wrote this application when viewing some guild parses, it will use a guild dump (as gained from guild windows in-game) to construct a list of class names that will be used to replace player names within a log file. To prevent merging multiple players into one entity in the parse I append a zero-based index based on order of appearance in the guild dump.

You'll need the .Net runtime version 3.5 installed to run the program. The program was written in C# using Visual Studio professional 2008, source code will be available upon request.

Instructions to use:
1) Click "Load Guild Dump" and load the guild dump text file that EQ created for you. This will populate the list box showing what class names will replace what player names.
2) Click "Load Log File" and load a log file, now this part can be slow since it does the replacement here, I usually extract specific fights using GamParse before pushing them through this part. A progress bar at the bottom will show how much of the log it has processed so far.
3) Either copy-paste the results out or use the "Save Processed Log" button to save it.

Note: it will not replace your own name, this is intentional.
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Re: Application to replace player names with class names

Postby Brohg » Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:31 pm

Nice work, automating that is a great idea
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